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Whipped Coffee (Dalgona Coffee)

Prep Time 2-10 minutes
Serves 1


    • 2 tablespoons of instant coffee
    • 2 tablespoons of sugar
    • 2 tablespoons of hot water
    • Glass of milk
    • Ice (optional)

Want to know how to make dalgona coffee or whipped coffee as it's become popularly known as online? Follow these 3 simple steps for instagramable magic and a super start to your morning!


Step 1

Mix together the instant coffee, sugar and hot water.

Step 2

Using a hand whisk, electric whisk/mixer or frother, whisk until the mixture becomes a silky, creamy and foamy consistency. (Depending on what you use, it should take 2-10 minutes).

Step 3

Scoop your foamy coffee mixture onto a glass of milk. Your choice - iced or hot. Taa daa...whipped coffee!


PS - Don't forget to mix with a spoon before tasting.

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