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Frequently asked questions


1. Where can I purchase Wiltshire products in Australia?

2. Where can I purchase Wiltshire products outside of Australia?

3. I have a problem with my Wiltshire product, what do I do?

4. Are all Wiltshire products dishwasher safe?

5. What does the Wiltshire Guarantee cover?

6. I'd like to start selling Wiltshire. Whom do I contact?


1. If I use non-stick bakeware, does that mean I don't have to grease and flour my cake tins?

2. How do I care for my non-stick bakeware?

3. Is my non-stick bakeware dishwasher safe?

4. What's the recommended cooking temperature and time for my non-stick bakeware?

Chopping Boards

1. Why should I not prepare vegetables on the same side of the board as my meat?

2. What’s the most hygienic type of board?

3. What's the best cutting board surface?


1. Is Wiltshire cookware suitable for the dishwasher?

2. Does Wiltshire cookware have a warranty or guarantee?

3. Are all types of cookware induction capable?

4. How can I tell if my existing cookware is induction capable?

5. Is non-stick cookware safe to use?

6. Can I use stainless steel kitchen tools in non-stick cookware?

7. How can I best take care of non-stick cookware?

8. What causes food to stick to non-stick cookware?

9. Are plastic handles better than stainless steel handles?

10. Why is the base on a stainless steel pan thicker than the sides?

11. What causes food to scorch and stick to stainless steel saucepans?


1. Does Wiltshire cutlery have a warranty or guarantee?

2. What is the best way to wash my cutlery?

3. Is Wiltshire cutlery suitable for the dishwasher?

4. What is the difference between Premium 18/10 Stainless Steel and Quality Stainless Steel (also referred to as 18/0)?

5. What should I do if my cutlery has marks or rust on it?


1. Are my glasses dishwasher safe?

2. Why are red and white wine glasses different sizes?

3. How do I look after my glasses?


1. What are the different Wiltshire knife product types used for?

2. Can stainless steel rust and what can I do to prevent this?

3. How can I ensure I keep my knives sharp?

4. How are Wiltshire Staysharp knives different from other Wiltshire knives?

5. How do I remove my Wiltshire Staysharp knife once it has been placed into the scabbard incorrectly?

Tools & Gadgets

1. How do I clean my utensils?

2. Are Nylon and Silicone utensils heat resistant?

3. What can I do if I notice marks on my stainless steel kitchen tools?


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