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Homemade Bread Bundle

$106.00 $74.20

The Homemade Bread Bundle includes:

  • Enamel Mixing Bowl Set of 3 (Item code: 43557)
  • Enamel Loaf Pan 23cm (Item code: 40386)
  • Measuring Spoons (Item code: 43429)
  • Wooden Spoons Set of 3 (Item code: 43163)
  • Silicone Scraper Set of 2 (Item code: 43181)
  • Foldable Cooling Rack 45cm x 32cm (Item code: 40444)

Rose Gold Perforated Bakeware Bundle

$78.00 $54.60

The Rose Gold Perforated Bakeware Bundle includes:

  • Rose Gold Perforated Rectangle Quiche & Tart Pan (Item code: 40719)
  • Rose Gold Perforated Mini Quiche & Tart Pan 12 Cup (Item code: 40718)
  • Rose Gold Perforated Round Quiche & Tart Pan (Item code: 40720)
  • Rose Gold Perforated Rectangle Quiche & Tart Pan Large (Item code: 40717)

Easybake Ultimate Bundle

$104.00 $72.80

The Easybake Ultimate Bundle includes:

  • Easybake Slice & Brownie Pan 27.5CM (Item code: 9016MP)
  • Easybake Cookie Sheet 34cm (Item code: 9010MP)
  • Easybake Muffin Pan 12 Cup (Item code: 9001MP)
  • Easybake Loaf Pan 24cm (Item code: 9014MP)
  • Easybake Square Pan 20cm (Item code: 9021MP)
  • Easybake Round Cake Pan 20cm (Item code: 9023MP)
  • Easybake Springform Pan 25cm (Item code: 9027MP)
  • Easybake Quiche & Tart Pan 25cm (Item code: 40074)

Roast Bundle

$93.00 $65.10

The Roast Bundle includes:

  • Stainless Steel Meat Thermometer (Item code: 43194)
  • Vitreous Enamel Roaster Large 38.5cm (40140)
  • Enamel Oblong Baking Dish 2.5L (Item code: 40381)
  • Staysharp Triple Rivet Carving Knife 20cm (Item code: 41434)


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