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Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Is a tablespoon a tablespoon?

Often when we cook we go straight to the cutlery drawer when we need to measure a tablespoon (sifting through the second drawer of gadgets can be quite the nightmare!).

And then when our macaroons are flat, our soufflé a disaster or the salad dressing is a little sweet we often wonder why!

A tablespoon is not a tablespoon!

A tablespoon in Australia is 20ml (15ml in most other countries). The tablespoons in your cutlery drawer are often less than 20ml, about 10-15mls in fact.

When in doubt, check the recipe and if it states the quantity in mililitres. Or, when buying your measuring spoon sets, check if the packaging states the spoon has Australian measurements.

Interesting fact: Whilst tablespoon measurements in Australia are not the same as other countries, a teaspoon is the same (5ml). 

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