Staysharp Triple Rivet Multi-Purpose Utility Knife 15cm

Say hello to knives that stay sharp. Thanks to the clever self-sharpening system of Staysharp you can ensure no more blunt knives. Simply insert and withdraw the knife from the scabbard for a sharp knife every time. This knife can tackle even the heartiest of layered deli sandwiches, cleanly and effortlessly.
SKU: 41299
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Hello layer slayer, condiment spreader, butter slather, people pleaser. This knife is anything but a unitasker. It’s a pretty well rounded knife great for quartering club sandwiches or deli whoppers, halving burgers, and slicing bagels. Then use the reverse edge of the blade to spread on the mustard or mayo with ease. Like all Wiltshire knives, it’s made from superior quality stainless steel so it’s rust-resistant.

So for all sandwiches great or small (and every spread in between), it’s the perfect accessory for lunch (and midnight snack) fans.

Wiltshire Staysharp has been the iconic knife in Australian homes since 1969. Renowned for its patented self-sharpening system, Staysharp knives & scissors will sharpen every time you use them.


  • Self-sharpens & hones the knife with every use
  • High quality stainless steel blades with triple rivet handles for strength and durability
  • Patented technology with locking mechanism to secure blade
  • Triple rivet handle for strength and durability
  • 10 year guarantee

Usage and Care

  • For that extra sparkle, we recommend to hand wash your knives in warm, soapy water.
  • Dry well with a soft, clean cloth, prior to storing in the scabbard.
  • Dishwashing is not recommended as food salts, heat and detergent can cause corrosion and blunt your knives.
  • The scabbard's sharpening cassette will need to be cleaned regularly. Remove the end cap, tap the tip of the scabbard onto a clean benchtop and dispose of the small stainless steel filings that fall out.
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