Staysharp Triple Rivet Carving Knife 20cm

Say hello to knives that stay sharp. Thanks to the clever self-sharpening system of Staysharp you can ensure no more blunt knives. Simply insert and withdraw the knife from the scabbard for a sharp knife every time. The Carving Knife is ideal for slicing roasts, poultry & ham.
SKU: 41172
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You’ve made the centrepiece roast. It’s absolute perfection! Now you use this trusted Carving Knife and slice with precision. This single carving tool is a special breed of blade. It’s been created to do one thing brilliantly: giving you a finely honed edge.

Like all Wiltshire knives, it’s made from superior quality stainless steel so it’s rust-resistant. So armed with your favourite carving knife and versed in the ways of the grain, carve away knowing that you have the edge. Bless that well-honed blade!

Wiltshire Staysharp has been the iconic knife in Australian homes since 1969. Renowned for its patented self-sharpening system, Staysharp knives & scissors will sharpen every time you use them.


  • Self-sharpens & hones the knife with every use
  • High quality stainless steel
  • Patented technology
  • Locking system secures blade inside scabbard
  • Triple rivet handle for strength and durability
  • 10 year guarantee

Usage and Care

  • For that extra sparkle, we recommend to hand wash your knives in warm, soapy water.
  • Dry well with a soft, clean cloth, prior to storing in the scabbard.
  • Dishwashing is not recommended as food salts, heat and detergent can cause corrosion and blunt your knives.
  • The scabbard's sharpening cassette will need to be cleaned regularly. Remove the end cap, tap the tip of the scabbard onto a clean benchtop and dispose of the small stainless steel filings that fall out.
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