Eat Smart Veggie Scoop

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Serve yourself up the perfect amount of greens with this Veggie Scoop! Measuring 1 cup, you can get your portions right every time. The holes help drain liquids & it is non-stick cookware safe so you can use across all of your cookware.
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Are you a meal prepper? The Eat Smart range is here to make prep time a little bit easier- with tips for your recommended daily serving (based on, and multi functionality in each design. From pouring to measuring and peeling to scooping your avocado, Eat Smart includes all your kitchen must-haves.


  • Fills up to the recommended standard serve of vegetables - 1 cup
  • Holes to easily drain
  • Heat resistant to 210°C
  • Non-stick cookware safe

Usage & care

  • For that extra sparkle, we recommend to hand wash in warm soapy water & dry thoroughly.

What is a standard serve?* recommends adults (19-50 years old) consume 5-6 serving of vegetables per day. The amount in a serve varies depending on the vegetable. 1 serving = approximately 75g.

What is a standard serve of vegetables?*

  • ½ Scoop: Cooked green vegetables (eg broccoli,spinach)
  • ½ Scoop: Cooked, dried or canned beans, peas or lentils
  • 1 Scoop: Green leafy or raw salad vegetables


Always consult your healthcare professional for dietary advice specific to your personal needs.

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