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    Avo & Eggs Bundle

    $27.00 $18.90

    The Avo & Eggs Bundle includes:

    • Poachies Pack of 20 (Item code: 43550)
    • Avocado Saver (Item code: 43739)
    • Eat Smart 4 in 1 Avocado Tool (Item code: 43837)
    • Egg Timer (Item code: 43183)

    Poachies Pack of 20


    Poachies make poaching eggs quick and easy!

    They are a no mess, no fuss way to prepare an egg-citing breakfast.  With 20 in the pack, there is enough to prepare brunch or a breakfast for the whole family.

    Poachies x 6 Bundle

    $36.00 $25.20

    Bundle includes 6 packs of Poachies. Each pack has 20 bags. (Item code: 43550)

    Avocado Saver


    This gadget will guac your world, and keep your avocados fresh and reduce single use plastics with this gadget! Simply strap in half of the avocado and keep in the fridge for ultimate freshness.

    Silicone Egg Poachers


    Our Silicone egg poacher make poaching eggs quick and easy! They are reusable and a no mess, no fuss way to prepare an egg-citing breakfast.

    Eat Smart Slotted Turner

    $9.00 $6.00
    An everyday kitchen must-have, this tool has been designed with a flat edge so you can easily flip your cooking creations. And it’s made of nylon which is non-stick cookware friendly.

    Eat Smart Veggie Scoop

    $9.00 $6.00
    Serve yourself up the perfect amount of greens with this Veggie Scoop! Measuring 1 cup, you can get your portions right every time. The holes help drain liquids & it is non-stick cookware safe so you can use across all of your cookware.

    Eat Smart 4 in 1 Avocado Tool

    $9.00 $6.00
    All you have avo wanted in an avocado tool. Slice, pit, scoop & mash avocado with this multi-functional delight! Smash avocado to serve for brunch, or prepare guacamole for an afternoon snack.

    Soho 4 Cup Non-Stick Egg Poacher


    Our Soho 4 Cup Non-Stick Egg Poacher is ideal for impressing egg connoisseurs and hipsters alike. Eggs slide out perfectly from the non-stick cups.

    Aluminium Egg Rings Set of 4


    It is a Sunday breakfast (or brunch) favourite, eggs on toast. We love the simple things in life.
    Cooking an egg requires not too much skill and sunny side up is often a crowd-pleaser. These Wiltshire Egg Rings will give you a perfectly cooked and shaped egg and are designed for use on your frypan or barbecue.

    Bar-B Egg Rings Pack of 4


    Big and hearty. Sunny side up. Over easy. A good breakfast barbecue, needs to be easy. So set some boundaries with our BAR-B Egg Rings.

    Egg Beater


    Scrambled eggs are a Sunday breakfast (or brunch) favourite. We love the simple things in life, and our egg beater makes preparing them just this little bit easier. 

    Size: 21cm x 9cm


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